Tokyo Olympics: Aaram se is how coach Park Tae-Sang calmed Indian ace PV Sindhu in Tokyo | Tokyo Olympics News

PV Sindhu said that coach Park Tae-Sang was the calming influence she needed during her bronze medal outing in Tokyo Olympics. “He never showed nerves. He motivated me a lot. We had eye-to-contact on court. As we practised a lot together, I knew what he is saying,” Sindhu said.
The Korean was seen frequently giving technical inputs during Sindhu’s matches. “I used to shout during the rallies, ‘Sindhu please don’t do that, I told you but why you did it.’ I used to tell her to stay calm. I used to say ‘Sindhu, please aaram se, rally hasn’t finished, so aaram se.’ That’s the only Hindi word I learnt,” Park said and added that he now wants to go home and play with his daughter.
“I really miss my family. My daughter is three-years-old. Since last February, I’ve spent only 13 days with my family. So, I badly want to go back. But Covid cases are rising in Korea, it’s a concern,” he said.
Park was not sure when he’d return, but Sindhu was keen to have him back. “Park is a very sweet person. As a coach the communication between us is honest. I would love to continue with him,” Sindhu said. The Korean said though Sindhu was a big name before he started training her in 2019, he had identified some areas to focus on. “She was very strong. Her opponents know that she has a good attack. Defence was one area that I worked on. We also worked on other strokes. You saw how she played at the Olympics. As a player I did not win a Olympic medal. I wanted Sindhu to win gold but I am happy that we have a bronze,” Park said.
Park was also surprised to see so many congratulatory messages from Indian fans.

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