India vs Australia IST Test match preview | Ind Vs Aus Ist Test match 2020

The most exciting and popular series of 2020, India vs Australia is currently at its peak. India have won the three-match T20 Series 2-1 while as Australia have dominated three-match ODI series 2-1.

Now it’s time for the longer format of game i.e., tests to begin.

The test series will contain four test matches.

The whole tour of India to Australia contains 3-match ODI and T20 series plus four-match test series.

As the ODI and T20 series have been played, the focus of both teams will now be on test series.

Keeping in mind The ICC Test Championship, both teams will be more eager to win the test series.

And the team who will win the test series, if any, will clearly be the champion of this whole series.

Talking about the performance of India, Hardik Pandya has been phenomenal in the whole series.

Not only Hardik Pandya but Nataragan has also been tremendous for India.

The first test match of the Series will begin on 17 December at 9:30 AM IST at Adelaide Oval.

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