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Filmywap 2020 Bollywood movies Download Now – Download Tamil, Telegu, Hindi dubbed movies from Filmywap Website online for free now.

Filmywap : Everyone loves movies and we guess you too are a movie lover. That’s why you are here right?

And what most of the movie lovers do, they want to download their favourite movies from internet.

They use internet and search different keywords like

  • 2020 Bollywood movies download
  • 2020 telegu movies download
  • 2020 Tamil movie download
  • Online movies download
  • Movie download Websites

And when they search, they see a lot of Websites appear on search results.

If you too have searched queries like above, then you may have seen some results about Filmywap Website.

You may have seen  results about Filmywap as Filmywap Bollywood movies download, Filmywap movies download, Filmywap Hindi movie download, Filmywap Hollywood hindi dubbed movies download, Filmywap movies download online free etc.

But do you know what Filmywap actually is?


Filmywap is a torrent Website which illegally leaks movies and make them available for free illegally. Download free movies from Filmywap now.

A torrent Website is simply a website of Sharing files like videos, photos, files, apps or other kind of files.

Torrent Website can be legal and illegal. If a torrent Website is sharing legal files, then it’s legal but if it’s sharing copyrighted content/material, then it’s illegal.

So what Filmywap Website actually does is when any movie release date comes, this website, Filmywap, illegally leaks the movie before the date of movie and makes the movie free for users online.

Filmywap Website has a huge collection of Bollywood movies, Hollywood movies, Tollywood movies, Tamil movies, telegu movies, Marathi movies, Hindi movies, Urdu movies, English movies, HD movies, TV series, Web series, MP4 videos in all qualities available for free.

Although Filmywap is a torrent Website, it does not change its users anything for downloading any movie.

Filmywap Websites users download movies from it illegally for free.

The Website earns money from ads that it shows to its users.

And does not charge users through any subscription plan or something like that.

It’s completely free but totally illegal also.

They upload the illegal movie file on their own server/Website.

Thus causing the movie makers a huge loss of amount.

The film makers in India have continuously urged Government of India to ban these kind of torrent Website.

Government bans these kind of Websites on regular basis but these websites appear again with a new domain name.

There are many torrent Websites in India which illegally leak Bollywood movies, Hollywood movies, Tamil movies, telegu movies.

Some popular torrent Websites out there are Tamilrockers, Filmyzilla, Filmywap, Worldfree4u etc.

Tamilrockers is a very famous torrent Website which does the same work of illegally leaking movies online.

Filmywap leaks many movies online including movies of Bollywood, Hollywood, Tollywood, Tamil, telegu movies and more others.

It also leaks some TV shows illegally.

Filmywap Website is very popular and is accessed by users from all over the world.

Mainly the audience of Filmywap movie is from India and Hindi , Tamil, telegu speaking users.

Filmywap 2020 Bollywood Movies Download

Millions of users from all over the world search this query in Google “Filmywap 2020 Bollywood Movies Download” .

The Filmywap Website leaks movies in different languages including English, Hindi, Tamil, Telegu, Marathi, Urdu etc.

Till this date, Filmywap Website has leaked enormous number of movies from different industries.

Thus gaining popularity for Filmywap bacame more easy.

Users search this website by using many keywords such as:

  • Filmywap
  • Filmywap 2020
  • Filmywap 2020 Bollywood movies download
  • Filmywap movies download
  • Filmywap Website

This movie has been on regular basis banned by government but it continuously appears on internet with different domain name every time.

Filmywap has leaked some hit as well as flop movies of all industries.

The hit movies that Filmywap Website has leaked before include:

  • Sadak 2
  • War
  • Bhaagi 3
  • Jalebi
  • Khuda Haafiz
  • Tiger Zinda Hain

Filmywap Website leaks movies in different qualities which include 240p, 360p, 480p, 720p, 1080p, MP4, Mkv, HD.

Filmywap Website has caused film makers a huge amount of loss.

It still continues to leak Bollywood movies, Hollywood movies, telegu movies, Tamil movies and many more movies on regular basis.

Filmywap Website owners leak movies on their own website i.e., Filmywap.

The Website appears on internet with many domain names and different domain extensions.

But why do they do it?

They do it to earn money. When any uers goes to their website to download any movies, the user sees a lot of ads appearing of Filmywap Website.

This by showing ads on their website makes them a lot of money.

But do you know that in many countries including India and USA, downloading movies from these kind of torrent Websites is Illegal.

Countries including India and US have made these websites as illegal because they illegally leak movies.

Not only is it illegal to create or upload movies on these websites but even downloading any movie from Filmywap and other torrent Websites is Illegal and crime.

You can even go to jail if Govt. Catches you downloading movies from these websites.

In India, anyone who downloads movies illegally from these torrent Websites can go to jail because it’s crime to download movies from these kind of Websites.

So we urge our users to be aware about these kind of illegal activities because for downloading a movie, you might be charged a hefty amount or even can be jailed.

But how can we identify if a website is legal or illegal?

Always remember torrent and illegal Websites are mostly free and they earn money by showing a lot of ads on their website.

So this is a hint for you to identify any torrent Website.

But it’s not the case always because torrent Websites can also charge money for downloading movie.

So it’s better to search about the Website from which you are going to download a movie before you download a movie from that Website.

Check whether the Website is legal or torrent. If the Website is legal, then happily download any movie or TV show.

But if the Website appears to be illegal just like Filmywap Website is, then stay away from that website and never visit that Website again.

Filmywap Website leaks many kind of movies online.

The kind of movies that Filmywap Website leaks illegally include the following:

  • Bollywood movies
  • Hollywood movies
  • Tollywood movies
  • Tamil movies
  • Telegu movies
  • Marathi movies
  • Urdu movies
  • TV shows
  • Web series

But the content on Filmywap Website is about Bollywood movies download.

Filmywap mainly leaks Bollywood movies for download.

Housefull 4 full movie download Filmywap

Housefull 4 full movie download Filmywap. Housefull 4 is a 2019 comedy action Bollywood movie starring Akshay Kumar, Ritesh Deshmuk and Bobby Deol.

Housefull 4 full movie download is available on Filmywap Website.

Filmywap illegally leaked Housefull 4 full movie after the movie was released in 2019.

Users from all over the world can download Housefull 4 full movie on Filmywap.

Dream Girl Full Movie Download Filmywap

Dream Girl Full movie download is available on Filmywap Website.

Dream Girl is a Hindi comedy film of Bollywood staring Ayushmann Khurrana.

Dream Girl full movie was theatrically released on 13 September 2019 in India.

Dream Girl Full Movie was soon after its release uploaded on Filmywap Website and users can still download Dream Girl Full movie from Filmywap.

War Full Movie Download Filmywap

Staring Hrithik Roshan and Tiger Shroff, War is a 2019 action thriller movie.

War is a hit movie of 2019 and can be easily downloaded from Filmywap Website.

Sooner after its release 2 October 2019, War movie was uploaded on Filmywap Website and made available free to Filmywap users.

Angry birds 2 in Hindi full movie download Filmywap

Angry Birds 2 full movie was released on 8 August 2019 in Ukraine.

Angry birds 2 in Hindi full movie is available on Filmywap Website and users can download it from Filmywap but it’s illegal to do so.

Angry birds 2 in Hindi full movie download can be found on Filmywap and it can even be watched online on Filmywap Website.

Filmywap Bollywood Movies Download

As we said above, Filmywap’s main target are Bollywood Hindi movies.

It mainly leaks Bollywood Hindi movies illegally on its website.

It has before leaked many Bollywood movies including hit ones.

The Bollywood movies which Filmywap Website has leaked include the following:

  • Tiger Zinda Hain
  • Sadak 2
  • Bhaagi 3
  • Jalebi
  • War

Filmywap Website has caused a hefty loss to the Bollywood movies makers.

By leaking their movies illegally, Bollywood film makers want this website to be banned once for all.

Filmywap Hollywood Movies Download

The Website is not limited to Bollywood movies only.

Filmywap Website has been seen leaking Hollywood movies and web series also.

Filmywap leaks many Hollywood movies that are dubbed in Hindi on regular basis.

Below are some of the Hollywood movies dubbed in Hindi leaked by Filmywap:

  • Avengers The Endgame
  • Titanic
  • Sink Hole
  • The Marine 6 Close Quarters
  • I’m thinking of Ending things

Filmywap Tollywood Movies Download

Tollywood movies has also been target of Filmywap Website.

As it leaks Bollywood and Hollywood movies, it also leaks Tollywood movies.

Filmywap Punjabi Movies Download

Punjabi movies are most popular movies among Punjabi people and also other people like Punjabi movies very much.

Filmywap Website has many Punjabi movies for free download.

The Punjabi movies present on Filmywap Website are in HD quality and users can either download or watch online Punjabi movies on Filmywap.

Filmywap Tamil Movies Download

Who doesn’t love Tamil movies. I mean every Indian watches South Indian movies.

Tamil movies or South Indian movies are present on Filmywap Website in a huge quantity.

Users can easily download as much Tamil movies as they want online from Filmywap.

Filmywap Telegu Movies Download

Telegu Movies just like Tamil movies are also present on Filmywap.

In short Filmywap consists of all kinds of movies be it Tamil or telegu or English movies.

Tamil movies are even dubbed in Hindi and other languages because of their worth.

Tamil movies are most famous movies in India after Hindi Bollywood movies.

Filmywap Marathi Movies Download

Marathi movies also have a good number of audience and that is why Filmywap have included Marathi movies on their website.

Types of Movies on Filmywap

Action Movies

Filmywap leaks all kinds of movies illegally.

It also leaks Hollywood movies and we see that 90% of Hollywood movies are similar to action movies.

So we can say that Filmywap Website leaks action movies on its website.

Users can download action movies illegally on Filmywap Website.


Comedy movies are also a big target of Filmywap Website.

A lot of content about comedy movies and TV shows can be seen on Filmywap Website.

Filmywap Website illegally leaks many comedy movies and TV shows.

Users from all around the world come and download these illegal content from Filmywap Website.

But remember it’s crime to do and you should never download any movie from Filmywap Website.

Filmywap also leaks Tamil, Telegu and Marathi movies.

Horror Type

Horror type is another type of movies leaked by Filmywap Website.

It’s another category of movie in Filmywap and users download Horror type movies from Filmywap Website illegally and free.

Those users who love to watch Horror movies go to Filmywap Website and download horror movies illegally from the website and then watch them.


Entertainment is another bigger category seen in Filmywap Website.

The Website leaks entertainment type of movies online illegally.

Users from all around the world access this website illegally and download movies for free.


Education movies can also be seen on Filmywap Website.

There are many Education movies present on Filmywap Website currently and are available for free to download but illegally and not legally.


You might have seen many motivational videos on YouTube and Facebook.

Or on other social media websites but there are also motivational movies which some users like to watch.

Filmywap Website illegally leaks these type of movies also in different languages.

Based on True Story

Based on True Story category is those category of movies which are based on true incidents or true stories.

These movies are about those incidents or stories which have happened in real in the past.

The are lots of movie lovers who love to watch those movies which have actually happened in the past.

These movies are not just stories but these are true incidents.

Biography Type

Biography type movies are also a target of Filmywap Website.

Biography movies are about any persons biography.

Many users love to watch biography movie about their favourite leader, actor, person, singer etc.

Filmywap Website has been seen leaking these type of movies also.

Filmywap Movie Languages

Filmywap leaks movies from many languages.

From Hindi language to English language, it leaks movies in many popular languages.

That’s another reason of Filmywap Website being so popular.

As it leaks movies in different languages, it gets more audience and eventually becomes more popular.

Filmywap Hindi Movies Download

Filmywap Website leaks movies in many languages including Hindi movies.

It leaks Bollywood movies that are mainly in Hindi and other languages which are dubbed in Hindi.

Filmywap Website leaks Hollywood movies and web series which are dubbed in Hindi.

You can find many Hollywood hindi dubbed movies on Filmywap Website.

By doing so, it gets immense popularity among movie lovers audience.

And as the Website provides all movies for free, it gets more and more popularity and earns huge amount of money.

Filmywap Hollywood Movies Hindi Dubbed Download

As we said above, the Website leaks those Hollywood movies Also which are dubbed in Hindi language.

It leaks many movies which are originally created in other languages and then dubbed in Hindi language.

Filmywap Tamil, Telegu Movies Download

Another broad content that can be seen on Filmywap is about Tamil and Telugu movies and web series.

There are many torrent Website which only leak Tamil movies and telegu movies.

But Filmywap leaks Tamil movies, Telegu movies as well as other language movies also.

By leaking Tamil movies and telegu movies, the Website gains popularity among Tamil language speakers and Telegu language speakers.

It covers many popular languages including English, Hindi, Tamil, Telegu, Urdu and some others.

How to Download Movie from Filmywap?

To download a movie from Filmywap or even from any other torrent Website can be a difficult task.

K.G.F Chapter 2 Full Movie Download

Because these kind of Websites show a lot of ads on there Website.

Similarly, Filmywap also shows a lot of ads on its website which becomes a hassle for users.

Even finding Filmywap Website is a big task first to be honest.

But what you need to go is to first go to Google and them them search for “Filmywap”.

On top 5 results, you will see Filmywap Website in any of these.

When you see Filmywap Website domain, click on it and open it.

Then make a search of your favourite movie or in other words, search the movie you wish to download.

When you search your movie, you will see your movie appearing on page, then click on it to download it.

Remember one thing, there will be many ads on Filmywap Website and they can be overwhelming.

Sooryavanshi Full Movie Download

So to block those ads, don’t forget to use any ad blocker in your browser. If you’re using chrome, you can enable as blocker from settings but if you’re using any other browser, you might need to download ad blocker extension for that.

If you don’t want to download any movie on your device, them Filmywap had “watch online” option also. Which means you can watch any movie on Filmywap online also.

Isn’t this interesting and good news? But you should also be aware that we don’t recommend you to use Filmywap as it’s a torrent Website which ILLEGALLY leaks movies.

So if you can want to use any safe and legit way, them we have also included those ways below in this post. Make sure you read them and use them so that you can be safe.

Filmywap Website Popularity

If you didn’t know about Filmywap Website before, then we will tell you about the Websites popularity.

Filmywap Website is very very popular in all around the world.

In November 2018, the number of users who were using Filmywap for watching and downloading movies online was 1.5 Million.

You can imagine what will be the traffic of Filmywap Website today in 2020.

The reason why Filmywap Website is so popular is because of its content.

Yes! It provides movies for free so what else can movie lovers want?

Another important reason why Filmywap is so popular is because it’s very easy to use.

Even a 10-year old kid can go and download movie from Filmywap Website.

The Website owners have developed and designed Filmywap in such a way that it becomes very easy for users to download any movie they like on Filmywap.

The content is well organised and presented on Filmywap Website and many sections have been made to make and look Website greater.

The Website is especially popular in India because Indians love movies more than others.

The popularity of movie can be checked by the fact that this website, Filmywap, has been even mention and talked about in newspapers.

Even newspapers have printed about this illegal and torrent Website.

So you can know how much popular is Filmywap all around the world for downloading movies.

Another information about Filmywap Website is that it still continues to leak movies illegally and then make them available for free for users.

It continues to leak latest 2020 Bollywood, Hollywood and many kinds of movies on its online website.

The Website earns money for leaking movies. You will be thinking that who gives them money for Leaking movies online right?

Actually what they do is they first leak movies and then millions of users from world search for that movie and users want to download that movie from internet.

Filmywap makes that movie available on their website that too for free.

And when they do it, automatically a lot of millions of fans from around the World visit their website to download the movie.

When users visit Filmywap Website online, they see slot of ads on their website.

And when any user clicks on any ad, it makes Filmywap money.

And you don’t know how much users visit Filmywap Website daily approximately in lakhs if not in millions daily.

The most recent movie leaked by Filmywap is Sadak 2 of Mahesh Bhatt.

Sadak 2 movie is actually sequel of 1990s Sadak movie of Mahesh Bhatt.

Both the 1990s Sadak and 2020 Sadak 2 movies are directed by Mahesh Bhatt himself.

So Filmywap upon release of Sadak 2 on OTT platforms Online, leaked the movie illegally on their website.

Even many film makers face a lot of loss due to these kind of torrent Websites which leak movie instantly after the release of movie.

So whenever go on internet to download any movie or web series whether Bollywood or Hollywood or any other, remember to download only legally.

Because if you download illegally from torrent Websites, you are causing loss for someone else.

By downloading movies from torrent Website, you are not giving credit of movie to movie makers but to torrent Websites.

So it’s upto you how you like legally or illegally.

Similar Websites to Filmywap

There are many other torrent Websites which illegally leak movies just like Filmywap does.

These websites have become headache for Film Directors, producers and investors.

Many film makers have lodged complaint against these torrent Websites.

Even Govt. is trying hard to ban these websites once for all.

But as we said above, even after getting banned, these websites appear again on search engines with a brand new domain name.

So we can say that piracy is still a big concern and needs to be ended so that film makers can get what they deserve.

There are many websites similar to Filmywap and some of them are given below:

  • 7starhd
  • Downloadhub
  • Teluguwap
  • Kuttymovies
  • Gomovies
  • Pagalworld
  • Moviesda
  • Djpunjab
  • Bolly4u
  • Ssrmovies
  • Filmy4wap
  • Mp4moviez
  • Moviespur
  • Movie Counter
  • Yts
  • Bollyshare
  • 1337x
  • Madras Rockers
  • Todaypk
  • 9xmovies
  • Filmyzilla
  • Tamilrockers

We  will not talk about all these but we will surely talk about some of these websites.

Tamilrockers:- A similar website to Filmywap, Tamilrockers is way more popular than Filmywap.

Yes you might be shocked to know but Tamilrockers is more popular torrent Website than Filmywap.

Tamilrockers is also a torrent Website which leaks Bollywood, Hollywood, Tamil, Marathi movies illegally.

Even after getting many Warnings from Indian Government, Tamilrockers owners still continued to work on Tamilrockers Website and due to which they were finally arrested by police.

The Website is not working now as the owners of Tamilrockers Website were arrested by Police.

9xmovies:- If you search 9xmovies on Google, you will get a lot of results on this website.

This is also a torrent Websites like Filmywap which does the same work of leaking movies online.

9xmovies also allows users to download Bollywood and Hollywood movies online.

They also leak other industries movies including Tamil movies and Marathi movies.

9xmovies also leaks those Hollywood English movies which have been dubbed into Hindi language.

9xmovies is very popular torrent Website and it’s illegal to download any movie from this website according to law.

Even Filmywap after updation added a new feature in their website.

Now users can not only download movies from Filmywap but can also watch movies online from Filmywap.

Filmywap users can choose a quality to watch any movie on Filmywap and can download the movie also on their device.

Filmyzilla:- Another torrent Website similar to Filmywap which illegally leaks Bollywood movies online.

Filmyzilla Website is also a popular torrent Website like Filmywap and receives a huge traffic from all around the world.

Filmyzilla is popular for downloading Bollywood and Hollywood movies and also Hindi dubbed Hollywood movies.

It does the same work of leaking movies thus causing a huge loss to film makers.

Madras Rockers:- After Tamilrockers Website got popular, a new torrent Website was seen on search engines online.

The new website seen was Madras Rockers. Even Tamilrockers and Madras Rockers are similar in names also.

Madras Rockers Website is a torrent Website were users can download Bollywood movies for free.

It’s a torrent Website thus downloading any kind of movie from this website is illegal.

It allows it’s huge numbers of users to download movies for free.

It doesn’t charge its users and neither has any kind of registration process.

Users can just go to Madras Rockers and download any movie they like.

But do remember that it is a torrent Website and downloading any movie from Madras Rockers Website means that you are committing a crime.

Moviespur:- Moviespur is another torrent Website which illegally shares movies of Bollywood, Hollywood and other industries on its online web portal.

It’s also a very popular Website with a huge fan base.

Downloading any movie from Moviespur is Illegal according to Indian law.

So it’s better to refrain from these kind of Websites.

There are many legal and safest ways and alternatives to these websites from which you can download your favourite movie easily without any hesitation.

Legal Alternatives of Filmywap

As we said in the above paragraph, there are many legal and safe Websites from which you can download your favourite movie easily.

These websites are safe and are Legal means if you download movies or watch movies on these safe and legal Websites, you are SAFE and you are NOT committing any crime according to law.

So what are these legal Alternatives to Filmywap website, below are some of them, remember these are 100% legal and you don’t need to worry about anything while using these websites.

Although there are some other legal and safe Websites but these above Websites are best according popularity of all Websites.

Remember one thing, if you ever want to watch anything legally online, you need to pay.

So similarly these websites are paid because these offer users such a nice and great quality of content.

Users can not only watch movies on these websites but many more including movies, web series, serials, TV Shows, Sports etc.

These are the best alternatives to Filmywap Website.

Filmywap Latest Leaked Movies

Filmywap 2020 Bollywood movies download
Image: Filmywap

So as it continues to leak movies, it has leaked many movies in 2020 also.

And some of them which it has leaked are hit movies.

Following are the latest movies leaked by Filmywap in 2020:-

  • Sadak 2
  • Dil Bechara
  • Khuda Haafiz
  • War
  • Bhaagi 3
  • Malang
  • Toofan
  • Sooryavanshi

These movies are the latest movies (Bollywood movies) leaked by Filmywap on their website.

These movies are also hit movies and most of them were released on online OTT platforms due to COVID-19 lockdown in India.

Filmywap Upcoming Movies

Filmywap continues to leak movies on regular basis and is expected to do so.

So what we can expect is that following upcoming movies can be the target of Filmywap and it may leak these also.

  • Sooryavanshi
  • Khaali Peeli
  • Satyameva Jayate 2
  • Aankh Micholi
  • Haseen Dillruba
  • K.G.F Chapter 2
  • Prithviraj

These are upcoming movies and if Filmywap Website doesn’t get banned in time, then these may also be leaked by Filmywap Website sooner after their release on online OTT platforms or theatres.

Filmywap App for Android and Apple

Many users want to download the official App of Filmywap and want to use Filmywap from app.

Because it’s always hard to Website than Application. Application is always easy to use and can save users a lot of time.

So that’s the reason many users want to download Filmywap Application so that they can download Filmywap Bollywood movies download from the application directly.

But unfortunately as of now, Filmywap has no official app. If you search for Filmywap Application, you will get a lot of apps about Filmywap. But you should be aware that Filmywap has not official app and all those apps are made by random people.

Don’t download those apps because they can contain harmful viruses that can damage your device.

So to conclude, Filmywap has NO APP currently. But it might launch an app because of high demand of users.

Filmywap New Domain Name and Link

As already mentioned by us above, Filmywap regularly keeps on changing its domain name or website link. So there’s no constant link of Filmywap.

The reason why it changes its links continuously is because it’s banned in India and several countries because of its illegal activities.

So it’s hard to mention the latest and upcoming link or domain name of Filmywap because it will change.

Is it safe to download movies from illegal torrent Websites?

Downloading movie from any illegal torrent Website is never legal and if you do so, you’re committing a crime.

Whether it will be Filmywap or Filmyzilla or Pagalworld, downloading any kind of movie or TV series from these kind of movies is always illegal.

So it’s always better to choose a legit, safe and legal way to download any kind of movie.

Filmywap is also a torrent Website and downloading any movie from Filmywap is also illegal according to law.

It’s illegal because these websites take credit and hard earned money of other.

Due to these websites, film makers who make films by doing hard work suffer huge loss of their profit because a huge number of audience watches movies from these kind of sites for free and illegally.

So if you want to download any movie, remember safe and legal is always best and you will never face any issue by using safe platforms.

Safe and legal platforms are mostly paid but believe me that they are worth it.

They will surely charge you some little amount of money but by doing so you are not making any type of violation and thus you are making yourself fully safe.

Frequently Asked Questions about Filmywap

What is Filmywap?

Filmywap is a torrent Website which illegally leaks Bollywood, Hollywood, Hindi, Tamil, Marathi and other movies.

Is Filmywap Website illegal?

Yes! Filmywap Website is a torrent Website which illegally leaks movies.

Can we use Filmywap Website legally?

No! You cannot use Filmywap Website legally in any way but you can access Filmywap Website using a VPN for some safety.

Can I go to jail for downloading a movie from Filmywap?

Yes! According to Indian law any person who illegally uses copyrighted content can go to jail and can be charged with fine also.

How to download a movie from Filmywap?

Although it’s very simple to download a movie from Filmywap Website but we do not recommend you to download any movie from Filmywap as it’s illegal to download any movie from Filmywap Website because it’s an illegal Website which illegally leaks movies.

Why does Filmywap change domain address frequently?

Because Government bans these kinds of Websites which illegally leak movies so what they do, they change their domain name to a new name for doing the same thing again.

What is Filmywap new domain address?

Filmywap frequently changes domain address.

Is Filmywap free?

Yes Filmywap is totally free and does not charge users anything for downloading movies.

Is Filmywap a safe Website?

Filmywap Website is red flaged Website and Govt. Frequently bans these types of Websites so it’s better to not use these kind of Websites as they can harm your device.

Which movies can I download from Filmywap?

You can download almost every movie from Filmywap including Bollywood movies, Hollywood movies, Tollywood movies, Tamil, Telegu and Marathi movies.

Can I download Bollywood movies from Filmywap?

Yes you can download Bollywood movies from Filmywap.

Can I download Hollywood movies from Filmywap?

Again a Yes. You can download Hollywood movies from Filmywap Website.

Can I download Hollywood Hindi dubbed movies from Filmywap?

Filmywap shares Hollywood Hindi dubbed movies so you can easily download them from Filmywap Website.

What are some of the hit movies leaked by Filmywap?

  • Bhaagi 3
  • Dil Bechara
  • War
  • Tiger Zinda Hain

Why doesn’t Govt. Ban Filmywap if it’s illegal?

Govt. Continuously bans Filmywap Website but it appears agains on search engines with a new domain name every time.

How many times has govt banned Filmywap?

Filmywap Website has been banned several times but comes again with a new domain address.

How much loss do filmmakers suffer due to Filmywap?

It’s estimated that in 2018, film industries suffered 2.8 Billion loss due to illegal torrent Websites.

Does Filmywap Website contain viruses?

Filmywap Website as of now does not contain any virus but the ads appearing on it can damage your device and are harmful.

Why does Filmywap Website show a lot of ads?

Filmywap shows a lot of ads for Earning money.

Was Sadak 2 movie leaked by Filmywap?

Yes Sadak 2 movie is available on Filmywap Website.

Which Hollywood movies does Filmywap leak?

Filmywap Website leaks all kinds of movies including Action, Horror, Hindi dubbed, Comedy, Motivational, Based on True Story etc.

How much money does Filmywap earn?

Filmywap Website earns a lot of money by showing ads to users that visit their website.

How much traffic does Filmywap receive?

In November 2018 alone, Filmywap Website received as less as 1.5 Million traffic from all over the world.

Is it still illegal to download any movie from Filmywap after one month of release of movie?

Whether you’re downloading any movie after one month of its release or after 10 years, its always illegal to download a movie from illegal Website. So yes it’s still illegal to download any movie from Filmywap after one month of release date of movie.

What if I pay to Filmywap owners, will then it be legal for me?

First of all Filmywap is free and they don’t charge users anything. But if you want to pay to Filmywap in anyway, it’s still illegal for you.

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