AIFF launches medical support policy for players, technical staff an referees

The All India Football Federation (AIFF) has come up with a policy to create a support system for players and technical staff who have served the national teams and may require support related to hospitalisation or grants for their families (in case of death).

The head coach, assistant coach, goalkeeping coach and the FIFA referees/assistant referees fall under the periphery of the technical staff.

The AIFF has laid down certain guidelines for an individual to apply for financial support and all players or technical staff who have represented India since 1950 are eligible.

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Each request will be assessed on the basis of the guidelines laid down. The policy has been classified into three categories based on the level of competitions participated, details of which can be obtained from the federation’s website.

AIFF general secretary Kushal Das said, “The AIFF values the immense contribution of the players who have brought laurels for the country. While AIFF has financially assisted players and staff even in the past on a case-to-case basis, we have now tried to formalise the process. We have henceforth, laid down a procedure wherein we are ready to help for the benefit of all our heroes, and their families.”

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