Many have noticed Green Bay Packers Aaron Rodgers’ is sporting a new look this season. The former MVP now has long hair, and there is actually a reason for it beyond style and being able to toss it in a man bun.

Rodgers says the long hair is actually preparation for a Halloween costume. He said on “The Pat McAfee Show” that growing out his locks has been a year-long commitment that will be made clear come October 31.

Rodgers said, “This has been a year in the making for my costume.”

He said he will dress up as “somebody who is a hero of mine who has longish hair,” but did not say who.

I respect someone who prepares for Halloween this early and I cannot wait to see what he dressed up as.

In the past he has been Napoleon Dynamite, and Steve Zissou, a character portrayed by Bill Murray in “The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou.”

Looks like his long hair will be staying for at least another two months.

The Packers are currently 1-1, winning their last game against the Detroit Lions after a concerning loss to the New Orleans Saints to open the season. Green Bay will play the San Francisco 49ers this weekend. 

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